‎Angola: Development Bank negotiates Projovem operation

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The Development Bank of Angola (BDA) is negotiating with a commercial bank on criteria for credit-granting to young entrepreneurs, dubbed “Projovem” funding.
According to BDA manager, Carlos Panzo, the criteria for access to credit will be set up by the bank itself (BDA)
The credit-granting will be carried out through the bank with which it negotiates at the moment, as the institution is deprived of branches across the country to provide service for those interested in the project.
The official put the value of the credit at more than AKz 4 billion, noting that the maximum amount to be granted by each applicant will be the equivalent to USD 200,000.
This credit will finance various sectors of the economy, including hotel and tourism as well as information technology.
Projovem project is an initiative of the Angolan Government to fund projects of young entrepreneurs.
The beneficiaries are required to have national status aged between 18 and 40 years old.‎

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