Congo: Nzeto plans Fish Fair to Launch Craft-Made Wharf

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The fishing municipality of Nzeto, located 230 kilometers away from Mbanza Congo, northern Zaire province, is due to host the first provincial fish fair in June in 2017, at the time of the inauguration of its craft-made wharf under construction on the coastline of the village.
This was announced Wednesday in Mbanza Congo by the provincial governor, José Joanes André, when speaking at the traditional yearend greetings ceremony held in the amphitheater of the local government.
“We are planning to hold the fish fair on 23-24 June next year, as part of the inauguration of Nzeto wharf”, he said.
José Joanes André believes that his region has potential in the fisheries sector that should be disseminated, hence the idea of promoting the fair that should bring together exhibitors from all over the region and invited guests.
In his speech, José Joanes André recalled the ongoing projects in the province, highlighting the energy and water sectors.
He mentioned the Soyo Combined Cycle power station project, which from 2017 will provide 750 Megawatts of energy to the six municipalities in the region and the rest of the country, as well as the construction of the new drinking water supply system for Mbanza Congo, which will be operational early next year.
In the transport sector, the governor spoke of the Soyo maritime terminal, which from next year will connect the cities of Luanda/Soyo and Cabinda, urban road transport, which will also be reactivated in 2017.
He also mentioned the industry, a sector that will gain a phosphate fertilizer plant for the production of fertilizers in the commune of Kinzau, Tomboco municipality.
The Angola-LNG project for the processing of liquefied gas in Soyo was again referenced.
The ceremony was attended by MPs of the National Assembly of the provincial constituency, members of the government, magistrates, representatives of the armed forces, security and internal order, municipal administrators, religious and traditional entities, academicians, media officers, businessmen and other invited guests.

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