EU Grants Rwanda €10m to Rehabilitate Rural Roads

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The Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Rwanda has approved a 10 million EUR grant payment to the government of Rwanda for the continued rehabilitation and maintenance of 200 kilometres of rural roads in the country.

“Rural roads provide the backbone of economic activity for nearly 80 per cent of Rwanda’s citizens, most of who depend on farming and small scale commerce for their livelihoods,” Ambassador Michael Ryan, the Head of the Delegation said.

Rwanda’s rural feeder roads are estimated to cover at least two thirds of the country’s total road network.

According to the 2010 World Bank Rwandan Infrastructure Assessment, 100 per cent of all feeder roads are in poor condition.

The rural road network facilitates access to markets and basic social services; enhances access to food; and improves rural policies at the local level.

The EU funding will help reduce poverty and improve living conditions for Rwandans in the long-term.

The grant is under the framework of the Sector Policy Support Programme financed by the EU and formulated with the government of Rwanda for the improvement of the rural road network in the country for six years.

This payment is the final stage of the 40 million EUR under that framework.


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