Dutch Brewer Enters Kenyan Market

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United Dutch Breweries (UDB) will on Saturday formally enter the Kenyan market with the launch of its range of beers.

Netherland’s third-largest brewer after Heineken and Bavaria is seeking a slice of Kenya’s lucrative beer market especially after the 2015 ban on illicit drinks in the country.

UDB Sales Manager for Africa Sander Bos said,”Kenya is an exciting market and we are pleased to launch our products here. The variety of our product portfolio ensures that we have drinks that are affordable across all market segments. There is something for everyone”.

Royal Dutch Post Horn Beer, exported to more than 70 countries around the world, will be the brewer’s flagship brand in Kenya. The lager has 5 per cent alcohol content.

The Royal Dutch Post Horn and dark iron-rich beer, Trio Stout will be available in both 500 ml cans and non-returnable 330 ml bottles.

The Atlas range, retailing in 500 ml cans, targets those seeking to spend less on drinks as with alcohol volume ranging from 8.5 per cent to 16 per cent, it is the equivalent of four standard beers.

The affordable quality and premium beer is “ideal in curbing the use of illicit brews and second generation liquor because taking one is like taking three to four normal beers at the price of one so it is pocket friendly even for those people in the low-income areas,” distributor Daniel Munene said.

UDB has appointed Jovet Kenya Limited as the sole distributor of its brands locally.

It also becomes the third Dutch brewer distributing in Kenya after Heineken and Bavaria. UDB does not own a brewery but outsources production and markets its products worldwide. It is owned by Belgian private equity firm Gimv.

It will also launch a range of malted non-alcoholic drinks in Kenya whose market is dominated by the Diageo-owned East African Breweries Limited, maker of the world-renowned Tusker lager.


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