Minister Urges Private Sector to Invest in Angola’s Logistics Platforms

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Angola’ s Minister of Transport, Augusto Tomás  on Tuesday  in Lunda Sul‎ urged the private sector to participate actively in the construction and operation of logistics platforms across the country.
The minister said so when delivering his speech at the conference on “National Network of Logistics Platforms – the case of Lunda Sul”, he stressed that the government will continue to provide a sound regulatory environment for investments to thrive.
The minister, who is on a working visit since Monday in Saurimo, eastern Lunda Sul province, considered the National Network of Logistics Platforms (RNPL) an integral part of the national logistics system.
According to him, RNPL is fundamental for the growing process of the Economy and social development.
The official added that RNPL interconnects the different aspects of the economy, such as production, storage, consolidation and distribution of products in the market.
According to him, the initiative will boost the participation of private sector in the process of growth of the national economy.
The private business sector will contribute with its share, focused on creation of the value added to industry, commerce, services and others, the minister said.
The minister added that the public sector will have to regulate and make available the infrastructure that will support the project.
Augusto Tomás considered the National Network of Logistics Platforms an essential factor of economic, social and territorial cohesion of the country.
The official also said that the RNPL contributes to the correction of the regional disparities and play a decisive role in the field of the instruments available to the executive for the management of high national interests.
He announced plans for construction of 44 platforms of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level of urban, regional, port, cross-border and air cargo centers at the country’s main airports.‎

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