mSurvey Poll shows Clinton as Best Choice for Africa

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A survey poll conducted by mSurvey in partnership with CNN shows that United States Democratic Party presidential candidate; Hilary Clinton would best serve Africa’s interest if elected president.

Americans today are voting to elect their choice in a tight race between Hilary Clinton and the Republican Party’s candidate, controversial billionaire Donald Trump.

Participating countries in the mSurvey poll were USA, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago and South Africa.

According to the survey data, 81 per cent feel the outcome will have an impact on Africa, 84 per cent of respondents feel that Hilary Clinton would be better for Africa’s interest and 78 per cent actually think that Clinton will emerge the next US President after the polls.

Only 19 per cent of the respondents wanted Trump to emerge as President.

mSurvey is  a mobile-first research platform leveraging SMS and mobile messaging technology to simplify access to credible, on-demand data from the emerging world, with a transformative ability to power conversations at scale

Built out of a passion to simplify access to high-quality data from hard-to-reach communities, mSurvey was was founded in 2012 and established in Kenya by Kenfield Griffith, an MIT alum who experienced first-hand the frustration of going blindly into a new market with limited or no actionable data.
The mSurvey team include Griffith’s fellow MIT alums, interns and home-grown Kenyan talent including Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Louis Majanja, whose experience spanned 18 years as a software developer in the Bay Area.


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