Ophir Energy Finds Oil for Shell in Tanzania

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Ophir Energy has announced the safe and timely conclusion of the drilling of two exploration wells in offshore Tanzania.

The operator of these blocks, Shell, has confirmed the discovery of good quality reservoir in both wells though hydrocarbon deposits were not found.

Ophir works with joint venture partners BG Tanzania (Shell) and Pavillion Energy in the Tanzania programme which comprises Kitatange-1 in Block 1 and Bunju-1 in Block 4.

The independent upstream oil and gas exploration and production company finds and monetizes resources in Africa and Asia. It has exploration interests in Kenya, Cote d’Ivore, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania.

The two wells fulfil the final exploration commitments as per the exploration licences by Tanzania’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

Following the completion of drilling Kitatange-1, Ophir Energy has been awarded a bridging licence for the existing discovery Locations in Block 1.


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