Sudanese Health Sector To Implement Strong Reform

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Federal Health State Minister of Sudan, Dr. Sumia Iddris held crucial talks with the delegation of Obioed Medical City today concerning the inadequate health care environment of Sudan. The delegation was joined by the governor of North Kordufan State, Ahmed Mohamed Haroun.
The aim of the conversation was to begin fostering an attitude of change regarding the currently poor utilization of the brilliant medical minds Sudan has to offer. As current data indicates, there are plenty of people willing and able to become health care providers in the country, however, due to lack of financial resources, the ongoing political conflicts within the country and fear of rebel militant attacks, those individuals are never given the opportunity to attend or complete medical school.
Doctors Without Borders has been a life changing program within the war torn country, going into highly volatile cities like Darfur and among the fear of attack, rape by rebel soldiers or death, rendering medical aid to the men, women and children of the town.
Focus on bringing in local medical staff would be of even greater benefit to the struggling nation, as funding for Doctors Without Borders and other anti-aid crusades present extreme challenges to the country’s healthcare sector.
Dr. Iddris stated that the institution would localize medical treatment and training national cadres on rare medical specializations.
The Obied Medical City will include hospitals for treatment of cancer, heart, kidney and surgeries.
The governor of North Kordufan stressed the importance of establishing a well run local medical institution that can cater to the urgent and chronic medical needs of its people. The porgram is in its developmental phases and is working in collaboration with the Sudan federal government.

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