Tunisia Calls For Continued Aid From US

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Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Mohamed Ennaceur, on Saturday, placed emphasis on the support provided by the United States to Tunisia at the economic, social and security levels to bring is democratic experience and transition process to a successful end.
He welcomed efforts by the US Congress in this regard with the coordination of several US institutions and agencies working to promote democracy.
Speaking at a press conference in parliament after a meeting with a US Congressional delegation led by Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-FL), Mohamed Ennaceur said the US parliamentary delegation welcomed the success of Tunisia which has reached a stage of political stability and was able to establish a democracy.
Members of the US Congressional delegation have expressed willingness to continue to support Tunisia, especially on the security front, especially that stability is essential to boost development and investment and ensure tourism recovery, he added.
The security challenges and difficulties in development facing Tunisia cannot be overcome by relying solely on its own resources but require friendly countries, including primarily the United States to continue their support for Tunisia in its efforts to preserve its democratic process and meet development challenges, stressed Mohamed Ennaceur.
According to a statement of the HPR, the meeting was an opportunity for the US Congressional delegation and the presidents and representatives of parliamentary groups to discuss ways of promoting Tunisian-US relations and strengthening bilateral cooperation in various fields to allow Tunisia “to overcome the economic difficulties it faces and to successfully complete the transition process.”
Source- Tap Info

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