35 African Airlines Meet In Brazzaville

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Thirty five African airlines, which are members of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) are meeting in Brazzaville to reflect on “the possibilities of liberalizing African skies”.

AFRAA members are brain storming on the occasion of the organisation’s 47th annual meeting, which began in the Congolese capital on Monday.

The theme of the meeting deals with the issue of air transport, in line with the ambitions and objectives of the African Union held at its last summit on 30-31 January 2015.

Congo’s senior Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Rodolph Adada urged airlines to work together through joint business cooperation and initiatives.

The Director of Equatorial Congo Airlines, Fatima Beyina-Moussa, who led the association in 2014 noted that the Brazzaville meeting will focus mainly on freeing up the African skies.

She explained that African countries have since 1999 committed themselves to implementing the amoussoukro Decision,’ which aims to reaffirm international safety standards and full exercise of the freedom of the sky.

She also reminded participants that eleven African states, including the Republic of Congo have pledged to make the amoussoukro Decision’ a reality by January 2017. We hope that other states will quickly follow suit in order to achieve a single aviation market in Africa.

She was also confident that the discourses during the meeting lead to positive, and most importantly, decisive changes for African aviation.

AFRAA’s 46th annual meeting was held in the Algerian capital, Algiers last year under the theme ‘Succeeding Together through Innovation and Collaboration’.


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