African Union Of Public Transport Hosts Workshop In Cape Town

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The African Union of Public Transport (UATP) has declared that it will hold a workshop on the best practices in public transport in Cape Town from 20 to 22 October 2015, Footprint to Africa reports.

Footprint to Africa learnt that high-quality and high-capacity public transport is the only way for Africa’s increasingly congested cities to accommodate sustainable economic growth.

Cape Town grapples with the same issues as Lagos, Nairobi, Accra and other African cites such as massive and rapid urbanisation, and glaring socio-economic inequalities. In 2012 the City of Cape Town established Transport for Cape Town (TCT), a transport authority responsible for meeting the integrated transport agenda, and fully accountable for bringing real and lasting change to the City’s transport network and operations.

TCT is a member of UATP, the African division of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). At the 2014 UATP Annual Congress it was agreed that TCT should convene a workshop in order for other African cities to explore what Cape Town’s transport authority had learnt, and the best practices it has implemented.

TCT adopted an innovative approach to resolving a complex spatial, socio-economic legacy, and explored and developed specifically applicable best practices.

The workshop is not about highlighting the success of Cape Town’s transport system but to empower other African cities, by imparting the lessons that the City has learnt. Delegates will be able to analyse their transport environment to adopt best practices to suit their unique needs.

With this workshop, Africa will set itself firmly on course to achieve its own transport goals as delegates will have an ample opportunity to participate and collaborate with colleagues to discuss best practices developed across the continent for delivering effective public transport and transport networks.

In addition, they will have the chance to participate in study tours showcasing the infrastructure and systems for which Transport for Cape Town is responsible and take part in training sessions.

Public transport, Footprint to Africa observes, is likened to democracy in action because it improves the quality of daily life for millions of people and this workshop will enable the continent’s transport experts and officials to brainstorm in establishing the framework for the best practices that will attain this.


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