Ethiopia is currently seeking international support to improve transportation

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Ethiopia has recently made an entry to the UNFCCC NAMA registry with a focus on the development of its transportation sector. Ethiopia has proposed a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMAs) to lower greenhouse gases, lessen air pollution, and increase the use of public transportation. The NAMA from Ethiopia come at a time when strategic climate action taken by developing countries is receiving unprecedented attention and support from the international community.

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a new light rail system is about to get under way and the country’s NAMA is designed for many benefits, some include to encourage optimum use of new light rail system, to support the emerging national rail industry, to alleviate traffic congestion, to create a healthier atmosphere and to deliver better access to jobs and services. Ethiopia’s NAMA is in the preparation phase, and currently seeking international support to continue. Once the NAMA is funded, Ethiopia will begin the process of determining relevant policies, establishing required zoning, designing the plan, and conducting environmental impact assessments.


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