Botswana Benchmarks Against Chile Mineral Policy

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Botswana’s Minerals, Energy and Water and Resources Minister, Kitso Mokaila has revealed that Botswana is currently benchmarking its mineral policy and regulatory framework against Chile in an endeavour to best manage the country’s mineral resources.

The Telegraph newspaper said in a report that Mokaila told the ongoing Base Metal Beneficiation Forum in Francistown in northern Botswana that the South American country had an exceptionally good institutional framework that enabled the government to effectively play both policy and regulatory roles.

The Chilean policy framework also provides technical expertise and financial support to small and medium mining companies. Mokaila noted that such a strategy could work for Botswana.

“In Chile, the policy and regulatory roles are exercised through state owned companies. There are effective systems in place to give policy direction to the government companies and to ensure that they pursue the government development agenda,” Mokaila is quoted as saying.

He said COLDECO was the main government mining company in Chile producing copper and the main income generator for the government in that country.

He explained that the company controls nine percent of world copper reserves and produces five million tonnes of copper per annum.

He also said another company ENAMI is a much smaller company than COLDECO whose objective is to promote development of small and medium
size mining companies.


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