Dar needs heavy investment in agriculture, says Ngeleja

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Sengerema Member of Parliament, William Ngeleja said the country needs heavy investment in agriculture, fishing and livestock farming since the sector has backed national economy for a long time.

Ngeleja made the remarks here after returning presidential nomination form seeking the country’s top post through Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) ticket.

He said the sector caters for almost 75 per cent of the population thus investing largely in the sector will mean a lot for their improved welfare and economy at large.

“Before the mining, oil and gas stuff, the country’s economy depends more on the sectors whose produce were the raw materials for local industries, thus the need to be given that chance, since they cater for the large population,” he said.

Ngeleja said he will put more effort in the sector whereas he will ensure proper infrastructure is set in place for increased productivity as well investing in research institutes for high quality breeds. “During independence the sectors were growing by 10 per cent but they have now gone down to four.

We have to rethink on our priorities as far as the economy is concerned,” said Ngeleja. Moreover, he said, since there will be increased agriculture produce and livestock sector as well, he will ensure the industrial sector is strengthened to accommodate raw materials from farmers and livestock keepers.

“The industrial sector should not be left to the private sector alone, the government will have to have a hand in it,” he observed.


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