London Distillers Announces Plan to Grow Revenues with Launch of New Look Kenya King Gin

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London Distillers Kenya (LDK) has embarked on an ambitious strategy as the bottling company moves to grow its revenues

The alcohol manufacturer recently announced the launch of its new look ‘Kenya King Gin’, under the new tagline, ‘One Nation, One King’ as the firm targets a wider clientele base. The official launch took place on 17th August, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.

“With the changing time we have witnessed change in consumer preferences.” LDK said in a statement.

“As the leading LDK brand, Kenya King marks this great occasion as a call to action to mitigate the changing consumer preferences by giving the brand a look and feel that resonates to the target consumers and makes them, proud to be Kenyan; hence the new bold and energetic Kenya King label, that carries a message evoking Kenyan Pride,” the group added.

Kenya King is LDK’s flagship brand and has received an overwhelmingly positive response since its introduction in 2003. The product is specifically aimed at the East African country’s rapidly rising middle and lower-middle class millennials.

“This new look and feel will appeal and resonate to millennials who are our target consumer, and London Distillers believes that this move will recruit new users onto the product and recover its lost market share to competitors,” noted LDK.

The launch event featured key distributors, partners and industry players as LDK’s management marked the first step in the re-introduction of the product into the retail chain.

Speaking ahead of the event, LDK Managing Director, said Mr Avin Galot thanked the distiller’s partners and consumers for their continued support.

“Thank you for being our most valuable partners on this journey. You continue to believe in us, and we are here to assure you that we listen, value and wish to grow with you in this business,” he said.


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