President Zuma Welcomes Delegates to the World Economic Forum On Africa

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President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday welcomed all delegates to the World Economic Forum on Africa holding in Durban from 3-5 May.

The theme of this year’s summit is “Achieving inclusive growth: responsive and responsible leadership.”

Delegates to the summit include Heads of States and Governments from the African continent, global captains of industry and commerce and civil society leaders.

“We welcome all the delegates to this important gathering of the World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban. We believe that WEFA came at an opportune time for South Africa and the continent, when the world economy is beginning to pick up.

“We hope that the forum will discuss vigorously the issue of the development of Africa especially infrastructure development. We are also happy that leaders will look at youth development because Africa is a very youthful continent,” President Zuma enthused.

He further added that Africa’s large youth population presents the continent with an historic opportunity that must be fully taken advantage of.

“We will benefit from the youth dividend if young Africans are skilled, healthy, participating in a democracy as active citizens and participating in the productive labour force. We trust that delegates will ensure that opportunities for the youth remain foremost in their discussions,” he said.

The President also said he was pleased that WEF in Africa 2017 would also address issues that include education, skills and employment; entrepreneurship; energy; infrastructure and development finance; combating, adapting to and building resilience against climate change; and science, technology and innovation.


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