Interview with Colour Me Digital Co-Founder and Managing Director, Frederik Obasi

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Colour Me Digital is a sports and entertainment marketing agency that develops deep and meaningful relationships with athletes, cultural pioneers and forward-thinking brands. The agency’s CEO and MD, Frederik Obasi is revolutionizing the face of sports in Africa by bridging the gap between football, brands and culture, and creating global sporting icons such as Alex Iwobi, Ola Aina, and Seyi Ojo.

From Colour Me Digital to Hypebuzz – one of Nigeria’s fastest growing influencer marketing agencies, and a few others, Frederik has garnered over 7 years’ worth of active experience in getting enterprises off the ground, finding and investing resources to form companies and help them succeed.

What inspired you to branch into the sports and entertainment marketing industry?

I have always had a deep passion for sports, particularly Football, and I come from a heavily Football-oriented family and background. Merging my deep interest in Technology and Digital Media with the existing relationships and knowledge I had already built in the sports scene, I was able to naturally create a career around my passion.

What challenges have you faced since joining the sector?

For most entrepreneurs, one of the biggest challenges faced is winning the trust of clients. In my case, it comes in the form of talking Footballers and brands through the fear of uncertainty and possible backlash from their devoted fans and customers. Which are certainly valid reservations. However, my team and I love to show to our clients the world of opportunities our ideas and plans could create not just for the Footballer, and the brand but for their supporters and consumers.

As the Co-Founder and MD of Colour Me Digital, what are some of the companies and organizations that you have worked with in the past?

At Colour Me Digital, we are very selective with who we work with, the goal is to develop and nurture deep and meaningful relationships with clients that transcend time and projects. Over the past couple of years, we have been able to create and build long-term working relationships with some of the most forward thinking and culturally adept brands in existence including LG Electronics, DSTV and many others.

It has been said that you have more than 7 years active experience in getting enterprises off the ground. What do you usually do to ensure the success of these enterprises?

Having a clear vision is always important, it helps to guide your focus on the opportunities you should and should not be pursuing. Having a good team and network is also vital – finding people who are also passionate and want to succeed personally and collectively. Identifying mistakes and areas where the business can improve and acting quick. Being motivated and focusing on your unique goals as opposed to competitors or what the “industry” says is important.

What do you like most about the work you do?

Making a positive impact on my country, continent and the world at large. Everyday, I’m grateful that I am physically and mentally able to work towards making a difference in society with my ability to think and create. The fact that I can achieve all of this in industries I am passionate about – Football, Technology and Media – makes it even more worthwhile.

What advice do you have for Africa’s aspiring entrepreneurs?

First, believe your dreams are possible. Then wake up everyday and just keep going.


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