Interview with Dana Communications CEO, Nancie Amunga

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Nancie Amunga is the CEO of Dana Communications, a logistics company based in Kenya that offers courier services. Her enterprise has received widespread recognition in recent years.

Ms Amunga’s continued success has earned seen her participate in several international forums, including the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD),  as well as the Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting, an affair that brings together government ministers, senior officials, young leaders, and young workers from across the globe.

Going forward, Ms Amunga, an Africa Achievers Awards winner and Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs Coordinator, plans to soar to even greater heights.

What encouraged you to invest in the courier sector?

I saw a gap and I thought I should go for it. I wanted to make the Nairobi residents happy by offering efficiency in deliveries. And also our city traffic situation is such a mess and not friendly in a city where time is essential as you can waste so much time in a traffic jam.

Apart from deliveries, we also offer a pickup and drop off point at our office for those small businesses who don’t have a physical office or are very far from central Nairobi. We also offer storage at the office.

What challenges did you face when you first started your business?

There were a lot of challenges, of course, financial challenges and also I was not really trained in logistics, my background in media and communication, so I had to learn on the job.

What milestones has Dana Communications recorded since its inception?

We have recorded a lot of milestones. We have people who have been so happy with our services and how we handle our communication. We have also created employment and we have won several awards both locally and internationally because we have the best team.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to branch out on their own?

Go for it! At the same time be sure that’s what you want to do because the road is not that smooth. Make sure it’s the passion that drives you and not the thought that you will make money.

A surprising number of businesses fail a few years after they are launched. According to a number of reports on SMEs in Africa, and an analysis is known as the Startup Genome report, an estimated 70% of new enterprises are unsuccessful. What did you do to avoid this fate?

Thinking strategically and also most business fail because of maybe wrong move or when there is a storm the people behind it give up. This can also happen because of starting a business with no passion in.

Aside from Dana Communications, are there any other projects that you are working on? Projects of young people empowerment.

I was just awarded in July 2018 at the House of Commons in London with the Africa Achievers Awards, social impact category. I’m also coordinator of Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs- E. Africa

What are your plans for Dana Communications in the near or distant future?

Grow and be able to serve more people. And also expand to the other parts of the country.



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