Interview with Dudutech, One of Africa’s Leading Pest Control Service Providers

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Dudutech is Africa’s leader in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with a wealth of experience in designing and delivering biological pest control solutions.

Established in 2001 the company has rapidly grown into a global biotechnology business, employing leading entomologists and microbiologists to develop solutions to reduce pesticide use, and improve soil health and long-term sustainability in agriculture. Today, Dudutech has the largest biological production facility in Sub-Saharan Africa, employing, over 250 full time staff.

The company recently expanded its footprint in Tanzania. According to Livingstone Chepkulel, Dudutech East Africa Sales Manager, Tanzania’s agriculture sector is large and growing, but farmers face major challenges in sustainably protecting their crops against pests and diseases which ultimately impact on access to external markets and their bottom line.

Chepkulel explains that Dudutech’s entry into the market is an important step forward in securing the long term future of Tanzania’s agriculture industry.

Following recent outbreaks of pests across farmlands in parts of East Africa, Dudutech explains why they are leaders in the industry.

What is Dudutech?

Dudutech is an Integrated Pest Management product and service provider and is part of the Flamingo Horticulture Group which operates commercial farming operations around the world. Dudutech has the largest production facility of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa and employs over 300 people, among them expert agronomists and PHD and Master’s Degree level scientists.

Aside from Kenya, are there any other countries where Dudutech is present?

Dudutech distributes their products to customers all over the world, including Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, the Netherlands and United States.

In 2017, Dudutech partnered with agro input company Elgon Kenya. Has the company partnered with any other organisations in the past?

To provide the very best in cutting edge technology to growers, Dudutech has a network of supply partners in the UK, Australia and Kenya.

What makes Dudutech different from other pest control companies?

At the very heart of Dudutech’s ethos is the drive towards ubiquitous sustainable agriculture through Integrated Pest Management which emphasises the use of biocontrols (natural pest predators and antagonistic fungi), mechanical traps and intelligent chemicals to control or manage crop pests and diseases. The key to Dudutech’s advantage is the continuous interaction with their customers through a dedicated team of technical liaison officers, who provide expert advice whenever it is needed.

Dudutech has been known to implement training programs for farmers in the region. What more can you tell us about these programs?

Knowledge is power, by training their customers Dudutech empowers growers towards safer, more productive farming. Dudutech holds seminars and IPM trainings on key topics which help deliver a greater level of understanding of the products and sustainable growing.

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

IPM is a plant protection system which incorporates cultural, physical, biological and chemical control strategies in a compatible manner to prevent and maintain pest populations below economically injurious levels. The objective of IPM is to allow growers to grow their produce in a safer, more sustainable way.

What are Dudutech’s plans for the distant or immediate future?

For the near and distant future, Dudutech plans to work closely with growers to increase overall saturation of IPM in growing practices around Africa, Europe and the US, providing full-cycle crop protection to get the very best out of their crops. Dudutech plans to launch a number of key products in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Watch this space.


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