Interview with Ruth Mwanzia, Founder and CEO of Koola Waters, a Kenya-Based Bottling Company

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Koola Waters is a private company which was founded in 2014. The company is led by a youthful team with diverse academic backgrounds who espouse the idea of a vibrant Kenyan economy, job creation, the value of emerging water technologies and the overall benefits of delivering quality and affordable water to the public while remaining sensitive to the protection of the environment.

Ruth Mwanzia, the company’s Director, Founder and CEO explains how her company is run, what she does differently and how Koola Waters contributes to Kenya’s economic growth.

What sets Koola Waters aside from all the other bottled water companies in Kenya?

The fact that we honour God in all our operations. Secondly, we always produce quality, our water is known for its pure sweet taste, our unique packaging, efficient delivery, we care about the community and we support community initiative

You have been featured among some of Kenya’s inspired influencers and participated in events aimed at empowering entrepreneurs such as the Sinapis business accelerator. What inspired you to get into motivational speaking?

I wanted to give back to my fellow youth, who were interested in entrepreneurship, this is because I build my business from scratch and I thank God for that and I wanted to encourage them that it’s possible to start their own businesses and succeed and also that they could become job creators instead of job seekers

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges in the water bottling industry?

Competition and counterfeits

Several cities in Africa, including Nairobi, may experience a water shortage crisis like that of Cape Town, South Africa if resources are poorly managed. Do you think Koola Waters could survive a supply crunch of such proportions?

Yes, this is because we have drilled a borehole, so I would encourage people to drill boreholes to counter the challenges of water shortages.

What do you think is Koola Waters’ biggest milestone to date?

There are many, providing employment, getting recognition, being featured by almost all media stations in Kenya, winning an award, being listed as one of the businesses doing well in Kenya

What words of wisdom do you have for Africa’s budding entrepreneurs looking to make their mark?

To trust God, to work hard and not to do business thinking of money but to do business thinking of impact

Your company’s vision is to provide the market with hygienic product packaged and delivered to all parts of Kenya and beyond. In this regard, what are your plans for Koola Waters in the near or distant future?

We want to grow expand to all counties in Kenya and also the whole of Africa.



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