JuaSimu, the World’s First Solar-Powered Smartphone Launched in Kenya

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Digital strategy, design, marketing and technology company Dotsavvy has launched the world’s first solar-powered smartphone, JuaSimu.

The Kenyan-made breakthrough innovation which has been three years in the making is uniquely suited for Africa, where accessibility to reliable and affordable electricity to power mobile devices is limited.

With an estimated 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa without access to electricity, the solar-powered JuaSimu is an environmentally-friendly and economically-competitive option.

“JuaSimu is a mid-range Android smartphone and yet it packs amazing features in a cost-effective and high performance package. The seamless and refined user experience from the hardware to the software makes it look and work like most great smartphones except JuaSimu is a one of a kind in that it only works using solar energy,” Valentine Mghoi, User Experience Lead at Dotsavvy said.

The smartphone does not come with any charging cables or adaptors as it works directly from solar energy. Its screen is an integrated solar panel that charges the battery when it is exposed to the sun.

Dotsavvy partnered with Tesla Motors to develop its unique battery that has a longer life and shorter charging cycle to achieve a full day of operating capacity. Dotsavvy has patented the cutting-edge battery technology.

The company also collaborated with Google to bring the solar-powered smartphone to life.

JuaSimu is available in Kenya from this first week of April at all major supermarkets and mobile phone dealerships at an introductory launch price of Ksh 10,000/$100.

It will be introduced in the Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda markets from the beginning of July later this year.


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