Angola: Beverage Industries Secure Over 14,000 jobs

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The beverage sector across the country has created 14,000 direct jobs and generated 42,000 indirect jobs in recent years. The President of Angolan Beverage Industries Association (AIBA), Manuel Sumbula said this Thursday in Luanda.
The AIBA boss was speaking to Angop at the launching ceremony of the workshop series under the theme “The Challenge of Innovation for the Competitiveness of National Industry”.
He attributed the growth to the continuous commitment to the training of national staff, demonstrating that there are innovations in the beverage sector in Angola.
“The beverage industry has developed a lot in recent years. Ten years ago we had a lot of foreign workforce that was gradually replaced, which today allowed us to reach the above number, having a difference of about 15 percent of the foreign workforce”, he said.
Manuel Sumbula said that the sector has more than 40 beverage manufacturers, adding that the articulation of the innovation system in this sector has its own characteristics for each plant.
The event was intended to create aggregate awareness-raising factors for the importance of innovation in industry and enhance the qualification to boost the sector.
The workshop was sponsored by National Institute of Innovation and Industrial Technologies (INITI).

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