CSR: Manufacturer Unveils Limited Edition Q20 Can

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Johannesburg; Triton Gloria Investments has announced the release of a limited edition can of Q20 Super multi-purpose lubricant in aid of raising awareness and sponsorship for African wild dogs (AWD), the second most endangered carnivore in Africa.

With consistently less than 450 Wild Dogs in South Africa, the Wild Dog has been the focus of a major long-term study in the Kruger National Park, managed by the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Says Simon Smith, Managing Director at Triton Gloria Investments; “The proceeds from the sale of these limited edition cans, available from most hardware stores nationwide, are in aid of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) Carnivore Conservation Programme, focusing on the inoculation of AWDs against Rabies and Canine Distemper.”

In the latter part of 2016 an entire pack of AWDs succumbed to what was assumed to be rabies on the western boundary of the Kruger National Park, despite the EWT team’s best efforts. Intervention through increased monitoring and vaccination is therefore pertinent. This includes, as a priority, vaccinating targeted individuals within the pack and fitting a GPS collar for monitoring purposes.

According to Grant Beverley, the EWT’s Carnivore Conservation Programme Senior Field Worker, without funding this research project could not continue which would be a major blow to the future conservation and protection of wild dogs against infectious diseases.

“The Q20 team had the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible work undertaken by the EWT and the SANParks Veterinary services, having tracked three AWD packs with the assistance of the GPS collar – which in itself is no small task given that the packs inhabit large areas of up to 900 square kilometers within the Kruger National Park – in order to dart, inoculate, swab and take blood specimens for analysis. To our shock, we were informed that the GPS collar is instrumental in monitoring the AWD packs, however only has a lifespan of between 12-18 months which has a huge cost implication for the non-profit organization,” continues Smith. “Triton Gloria Investments are proud to hand over the cheque for R100 000.00 to the EWT team in addition to the sponsorship of the GPS collar for the newly named Q20 AWD pack, which is synonymous with our commitment to the future conservation of our heritage,” concludes Smith.

The manufacturer’s Q range of products, include the Q8 silicone, Q10 penetrating oil, Q in One mineral drip oil, Q4-45 hand cleaner and Q12 rust converter.


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