Linea, Punto Models Lead Fiat’s Sales Increase By 36.3% In January, February

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marking an increase of 36.3%. The gain is compared to the corresponding period of 2015, when sales reached 11.6 million Egyptian pounds for sales of 113 vehicles.

Vehicles sold under the umbrella of Fiat included the Linea, Punto, 500X, Kobo, and 500 models.

Of these models, it was Linea that outranked its peers, having sold 60 cars in January and February worth approximately 6.7 million Egyptian pounds. The record sales of the Linea during this period marks an incredible 100 percent increase when compared to the corresponding period in 2015.

Punto came in a close second with sales of 50 cars that garnered 5 million Egyptian pounds, however it did mark a solid decline of 53 percent from last January and February’s numbers when 107 cars were sold.

The 500X model had no sales recorded last year in January or February and came in third, having sold 32 cars.

Both the 500 and Kobo models sold 6 cars each  during the first two months of 2016.

Marketing Director of Fiat, Joseph Daniel has proposed the launch of  two new vehicles in 2016.  The first model will be a sedan, the second a mid-sized sports utility vehicle. Daniel is hopeful that these new additions to the Fiat family will propel Fiat’s expansion into the local African market and the return of car sales in much stronger numbers in anticipation of the foreign currency reserves stabilizing.


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