Mozambique’s Propertymaputo Refurbished, Renamed Casamozambique

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Mozambique’s premier property listing agency Propertymaputo, has been overhauled and renamed Casamozambique. The change comes in the midst of desires to refocus attention from Maputo city properties to give it a wider reach across all of Mozambique. The transition is in place to give the country a broader view of all listings nationwide and extend the role of the growing real estate market in Mozambique.

In July 2015, recieved  an undislcosed funding from Frontier Digital Ventures (FDV) in a move to help consolidate its gains and extend its focus to cover the Mozambique real estate and revamp its product for the English speaking market. The budget has been earmarked for this revamping venture.

New features on the site include home loan applications, dual-currency mortgage calculators, geo-mapping with pricing trends, and house and home insurance, which will enhance the consumer experience, and offer convenience. founder and CEO Bryan Wester said, “Our rebranding reflects the site’s position as market leader having grown and beaten out its rivals into the largest property site in Mozambique across all verticals. At the forefront is bridging the gap between traditional offline search by the creation of a truly dynamic digital marketplace that now puts the power of search into the hands of the consumer.”

Casamozambique offers a vast search spectrum with a range of property listings allowing users to search easily online and choose between multiple property listings with free customer support. Users may also choose to contact the seller directly via phone or email.

Property developers and agents can are able to contact millions of potential buyers directly via e-mail or phone or via the site’s e-mail alerts. Ease of listing properties has also been enhanced on the site. Users are easily able to list properties on the site or roam the best neighbourhoods with accurate pricing trends and even free lifestyle tips. The site additionally gives up to date information about cities, tourist attractions, holiday destinations, restaurants, home loans, home insurance or the investing laws of Mozambique.

CEO and founder of Shaun Di Gregorio said, “The business has a great platform in place and is moving in the right direction in what we see as a truly dynamic market in Africa. The combination of our experience and funding along with Bryan and the teams passion and commitment we think makes for a great opportunity to build a market leading business in Mozambique.”


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