Angola: ‎Agriculture Ministry to Support National Poultry Sector

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The Secretary of State for Agriculture, José Amaro Taty, defended the need to create the National Poultry Centre as an added value for the sector.
Speaking during a meeting with members of the Angolan National Poultry Producers Association (ANAVI), the official stated that the centre will discipline raw material prices, greatly affected by the action of speculators.
“It will allow small producers to have access to production inputs at fair and competitive prices, so that they can produce eggs and meat at fair prices for the population”, said Amaro Taty.
In turn, the National Director of the Technical Unit for Support to Private Investment (UTAIP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, António Sozinho, considered that the Poultry Centre is the way to solve the challenges faced by the sector, which contributes satisfactorily to the national trade balance.

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