Angola: Biocom Agricultural Laboratory Certified for International Quality

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The prestigious Agronomic Institute of Campinas (IAC) in Brazil, has awarded Biocom’s agricultural laboratory in Malanje, Angola an “A” concept, under its programme for international certification of quality control.

Biocom, the Angolan sugar and Bioenergy Company, the only African company to participate in the programme, ranked fifth among 131 active laboratories for 34 years.

According to a press release from the company to Angop on Monday, the IAC programme serves to evaluate the capacity of participating laboratories to perform agricultural analysis with the highest quality standard.

Annually, each participating laboratory receives 20 soil samples from the IAC in which 17 chemical and physical elements are determined from the soil, totaling 408 analyzed elements.

The results obtained in each set of samples are sent via the internet to the IAC where the verification of results is carried out.

For each result with a wrong value, the laboratory is penalized and, at the end of the programme, all statistics are done with the obtained results.

To the supervisor of Biocom Laboratory, Anderson Luiz dos Santos, “this result will crown the work done with the team in the last months, where they conduct daily training, testing, simulations and evaluations”.

At least 97 per cent of the Members who work in the Laboratory are nationals, most of them newly graduated and highly committed to the work.


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