Angolan Entrepreneurs Urged to Bet on Aquaculture

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Angola’s Minister of Fisheries, Vitoria de Barros‎, has urged business owners in the northern Cuanza Norte province to focus on aquaculture. Specifically, he suggested that they look towards investing in the production of tilapia and catfish, where the species are available in massive scale in the local rivers and ponds.

The appeal was made by the Minister at the opening of the first Consultative Council of the sector held in the province’s capital city, Ndalatando.

At the Council the minister said that commitment to this kind of business will contribute towards boosting food security for its populace, as well as improve trade for the region, in particular. This will also increase supply of quality animal protein as well as family and business income, she added.

Focusing on aquaculture further offers other advantages such as the job creation for those involved in the production value chain. It also supports the government’s plan to fight hunger and poverty.

The governor of Cuanza Norte, José Maria Ferraz dos Santos, was bullish about the prospects of such a move. According to him, it is a favourable moment for the sector to outline its development strategies for the next half decade.

The meeting is also taking stock of the National Development Plan (PND), the Public Investment Programme (PIP) of the sector and National Aquaculture Plan.




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