Fertilizer Company, OCP Kenya Denies Accusations of Importing Sub-Standard Products

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OCP Kenya, a subsidiary of OCP Group, the world’s leading producer of phosphate rock and phosphoric acid, and one of the leading global fertilizer players has denied claims of importing products that were non-compliant with Kenyan regulatory standards.

“We reject these claims in their entirety as they reflect neither the commercial practices nor the rigorous quality-assurance processes to which OCP Kenya adheres,” the firm said in a statement issued on June 24th, 2018.

OCP Kenya Limited was recently accused of importing sub-standard fertilizer from Morocco. As at June 22nd, 2018, ten Kenyan officials were arrested following the allegations. Among them was Charles Ongwae, Managing Director for the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), a premiere regulator for goods entering the country’s market. The nine, who included members from the KEBS Tender Committee, were taken into custody by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

“OCP Kenya complied fully with Kenyan procedures and regulations in place in connection with the cargo targeted by this action,” the company’s spokespeople said following the allegations.

The group stated that the full compliance of their cargo had been indisputably confirmed by independent expert analyses performed by several internationally renowned inspection agencies, including SGS, Bureau Veritas and Cropnuts.

The company’s spokespeople also noted that OCP Group strictly observes the highest national and international legal standards and best practices in its operations worldwide.

“As evidenced by its activities on the ground, OCP Kenya is no exception and has, as a mission, to continuously act for the benefit of Kenyan agricultural development,” the statement continued.

“While we intend to actively and fully cooperate with the Kenyan authorities in connection with this matter, we reserve our rights to take legal action against the parties behind these baseless and opportunistic accusations,” said the firm.


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