Mecatherm Partners Espiga d’Ouro to Establish the Largest Bread-making Factory in Mozambique

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Mecatherm, global leader in automatic production lines for industrial bakeries, has undertaken a large-scale project in partnership with the directors of Espiga d’Ouro, to fit out the largest bread-making factory in Mozambique. As a result, Mozambique company Espiga d’Ouro is set to become one of Africa’s flagship factories. With 4 production lines, this site will produce 1.8 million quality bread per day when operating at full capacity. According to Espiga d’Ouro, this facility and the establishment of a bread distribution network for the residents of Matola and the Maputo region will create around 1,200 jobs.

The Espiga d’Ouro industrial site was inaugurated on 21 September 2017 in the presence of Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, President of the Republic of Mozambique, along with many political representatives from Mozambique and the city of Matola, including the Minister for Industry and Commerce, Max Tonela, the Governor of Maputo Province, Raimundo Doma and the Matola City Council, Calisto Cossa. Mr Hussein Ali Ahmad, founder of Espiga d’Ouro and Mr Olivier Sergent, CEO of Mecatherm, and their respective teams were delighted to see all these VIPs sampling the very first bread produced at this new site.

Located in the city of Matola, Espiga d’Ouro will supply bread to the residents of Matola and the Maputo region, meeting the demand for bread in Mozambique’s largest province. The factory will help to address the strategic industrial and economic challenges facing Mozambique.

Mecatherm has installed no less than four fully automated bread production lines, two for the production of baguettes, one for rolls and a fourth, the MECAtoast line, for toast bread. This wide range of bread will enable residents to buy crusty bread every day, as well as toast bread, which remain fresh for several days. This ultra-modern factory, which is on a par with its European counterparts, will produce, 795 000 275gr half baguettes, 960 000 80g rolls and 144 000 770g toast bread per day when operating at full capacity, i.e. more than 1.8 million units of bread per day.

Large quantities of quality bread, thanks to an end-to-end production project.
By setting up this industrial bread factory, Espiga d’Ouro and Mecatherm are helping to provide Mozambicans with large quantities of quality bread. Furthermore, the industrialisation of bread production guarantees standard bread weights, strengthened food health and safety and a secure food supply. The factory will operate 24/7. The flour needed for production will be supplied by local companies. The region’s three flour mills will supply the factory with around 200,000 kg of flour per day.

Mecatherm has already installed 780 production lines around the world, including several dozen on the African continent. In the case of the Espiga d’Ouro factory, Mecatherm shared its industrial expertise all along the production line (from the start of the line to the ovens). To ensure that the factory has full operational autonomy, Mecatherm has already started training future employees in baking techniques, production line management and maintenance, food hygiene, etc. The company will also provide Espiga d’Ouro with technical support and supply the spare parts required to service and maintain the production lines.

The key feature of this project is Mecatherm’s packaged offer, which includes co-financing the project. With assistance from finance companies BpiFrance Finance and Bpifrance Assurance-Credit Export, Espiga d’Ouro accessed a customised financing solution, specifically designed for this type of project. These partners provided valuable support, making a major contribution to the successful launch of this new industrial facility.

“This project shows that the vision of an exceptional company director like Mr Hussein Ali Ahmad, combined with the support and commitment of political authorities and governments, the commitment of banks, and above all the hard work of ordinary people, make it possible to undertake very large-scale projects, which have a real impact on the everyday lives of the population of an entire region,” enthused Mecatherm’s CEO, Olivier Sergent.

“As well as the new Espiga d’Ouro factory, we are setting up a distribution network so that the people of Matola and Maputo Province can eat fresh bread every day. On the back of our new industrial site and the supply, delivery and distribution of bread, we are delighted to announce the creation of around 1,200 jobs in the region,” added Hussein Ali Ahmad, founder and director of Espiga d’Ouro.

The site construction and installation phase has lasted just over a year and was undertaken by a multicultural team, which included employees from both Espiga d’Ouro and Mecatherm. The factory will start baguette production in October. By the end of 2017, all four production lines will be operational


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