Nanosoft Technologies Urges Kenya’s Government to Invest in Agriculture As Firm Moves To Address Country’s Unemployment Crisis

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Nanosoft Technologies, a Kenya based information and technology (IT) company with operations in parts of the African continent, has called on the country’s government to invest in agriculture in order to alleviate poverty in the region.

The call has been reiterated by iAgriBizAfrica, an organisation that also seeks to promote agricultural development in the region.

“The backbone of our economy is agriculture and this is where the biggest employment opportunities exist, but we the youth shun it and migrate to the cities,” said Rodgers Kirwa, Founder of iAgriBizAfrica

In a statement issued this week, Kirwa urged the country’s government other partners to ensure more youth are involved in agriculture.

“We need to invoke the spirit of Agriculture in our economy. Our government should embrace Agriculture with more confidence because good Agricultural policies and implementation can transport our economy to the path of recovery,” Nanosoft Technologies‏ said in a statement.

The firm stated that agriculture is a proven path to prosperity.

Close to 70 percent of Africa’s population is involved in agriculture with smallholder farmers accounting for the bulk of the industry.

Nanosoft has affirmed that agriculture remains Africa’s surest bet for growing inclusive economies and creating decent jobs mainly for the youth.

According to the organisation, agricultural science has built a well-deserved reputation over the last several decades for delivering specific technical innovations.

Nanosoft Technologies Limited was formed in Kenya in 2001 to offer IT services in Africa. For first number of years NANOSOFT invested heavily in and concentrated on development of its own software products.


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