Sudan Calls for Inter-Regional Partnerships in Agriculture as Stakeholders Use ICT to Boost Food Security

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The Republic of Sudan has called on its regional neighbours to build partnerships in the field of agriculture through the use of new technology.

The call comes at a time when agriculture in parts of Africa is facing many challenges such as climate change, water crises and shortages with a heavy negative impact on food safety and security.

In light of these challenges, President of Sudan, Omar Al-Bashir is rallying regional leaders to join global efforts aimed at achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

As such, the Republic of Sudan, along with the Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization (AICTO) and the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD), are launching an initiative known as the ‘Smart Agriculture Forum’ (ISAF).

ISAF will serve as a platform gathering all potential stakeholders within the Arab and African regions and the rest of the world for an open and constructive debate.

As the 1st Inter-Regional Smart Agriculture Forum, ISAF aims to initiate an inter-regional dialogue about the internet of Things (IoT )and new technology trends by gathering high level personalities from the Arab, African regions and Internationally.

The forum is keen on emphasizing the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), mostly IoT technologies in agricultural development within the Arab and African regions.

“We are living in the era of e-transformation being driven by the emergence of many new concepts related to ICT and internet development, like Cloud Computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things,” ISAF officials said ahead of the Forum.

“Because of this revolutionary smart technology, a smooth transformation from traditional agricultural methods to a modern agriculture is becoming a reality,” the group added.

The three day event, which will be held in Khartoum from September 24th to September 26th, 2018, seeks to appraise the “Smart Agriculture” role in bridging the digital divide within the two regions.

ISAF will be expecting active participation from regional and international ICT experts and ICT practitioners, including regulators in the ICT sector, agriculture specialized organizations, mobile network operators, and equipment manufacturers, among others.

The event is therefore keen on increasing the awareness of Arab and African governments about the need of developing strong capacity building plans.

It is aimed at empowering Arab and African farmers and workers through ICT use, to improve their practices.

President Al-Bashir is confident that the initiative will help in contributing to the process of formulating appropriate policies and frameworks at the Arab and African levels to organize and facilitate the ownership of these technologies.



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