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Africa’s agriculture industry is developing rapidly by the day. Multinational organisations are pouring in funds and investments to tap into opportunities in the continent’s agriculture sector. Being a pan-African investment firm, editors and investment experts of Footprint2africa keep a close eye on investment and development news in each sector of the African economy.

Here are some economic developments in the agriculture sector in recent months.


$2.3 worth Beef & Leather Project in Zimbabwe

The proposed beef and leather value chain project in Zimbabwe will be financed by JICA (Japan International Finance Cooperation) via the APSAF i.e. African Private Sector Assistance Fund. The project is aimed at improving economic growth by creating employment, increasing income and lower poverty rate in pilot areas. Read more:


Kenya Launched $1.23 Million Resource Centre to Facilitate Livestock Production

The liquid nitrogen plant launched by national government will 50 litres of essential ingredients that are needed for the better preservation of livestock semen required in artificial insemination. Read more:


Poland Invests $50 million in Angola’s Agriculture Business

With an aim to boost Angola’s food autonomy, a Polish business group has invested $50 million in a farm at Caxito of Bengo province. The investment has already initiated and around 1.50 hectares’ field is being prepared. The farming of pig, poultry, and grain has begun. Read more:


IFC Grants $10 million Loan to Build Fertilizer Plant

International Finance Corporation has approved $10 million loan to Fertiplant East Africa Limited for building fertilizer plant in Kenya. The plant is expected to boost agriculture of East Africa. The plant is supposed to produce 100,000 tons of fertilizer and supply the production at affordable cost. Read more:


The Nigerian Government Aims to Irrigate 130,000 Hectares of Farming Land by 2020

As a part of National Roadmap policy, Water Resources Federal Ministry has started implementation to increase irrigated agriculture from 100,000 to 130,000 by 2020. This will boost foreign revenue agriculture production. Read more:



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