U.S. Promotes Seed Development in Ghana

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In an effort to boost seed development in Ghana, the United States government’s Feed the Future Initiative has launched the National Seed Trade Association of Ghana (NASTAG).

The Association brings together producers, traders, government institutions and processors in the seed industry to promote the use of high-quality certified seed and spur private sector investment.

It will also play a leading role in implementing the Ghanaian government’s flagship agriculture program “Planting for Food and Jobs” which has prioritized seed as a pillar.

NASTAG was facilitated by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture and other development partners.

USAID/Ghana Agriculture Team Leader Jenna Tajchman noted the importance of improving Ghana’s seed sector to the country’s economic growth.

“Developing Ghana’s seed sector is a top priority for USAID and its partners, and NASTAG’s launch is a milestone for the sector’s growth,” Tajchman added.

Dr. Sagre Bambangi, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Ghana highlighted the importance of growing Ghana’s seed industry to build a food secure future.

USAID and its Feed the Future partners will support NASTAG with strategic planning, technical assistance and increasing access to quality seeds for Ghanaian farmers.

In Ghana, Feed the Future works to enhance agricultural productivity; links farmers to market and trade opportunities; and boosts the nutrition of the most vulnerable populations.

NASTAG’s launch event also saw seven new Executive Council Members of the Association inducted into office to grow the competitiveness of Ghana’s seed industry.

The Executive Council will work to strengthen the business and technical skills of its members, promote collaboration between seed value chain actors, and advocate on regulations, standardization and the provision of general seed information to all stakeholders.



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