Domestic Air Travel in Nairobi Grows by 22%

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According to a new report by ForwardKeys, Nairobi is the only African city whose airports are recording higher growth in domestic than in international capacity with a 22 per cent increase.

ForwardKeys is a flight monitoring company which compares flight reservation data from over 16 million transactions per day to position African destinations on the global tourism map.

It compares Nairobi’s trend to other top 10 African airports which are seeing more growth in international than in domestic capacity ranked by total scheduled capacity for August to December 2017.

The report further indicated that airports in Nairobi have a total scheduled capacity of 18 per cent in domestic seats; 31 per cent in long-haul international seats; and a 51 per cent capacity in intra-Africa international seats.

The city’s main airport Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, in particular, has 13 per cent and 5 per cent long-haul and intra-Africa international seats scheduled capacity respectively for the same period August to December 2017.

Cyrus Onyiego, Jumia Travel Kenya Country Manager noted that the trend is encouraging for aviation players who are anticipating a surge in flight bookings in the last half of 2017.

“Most inspiring is the contribution of Kenyans and other members of the East African Community to domestic travel. It reflects our confidence in our own tourism products with Kenya’s tourism domestic spendingrecording59%against 41% foreign visitor spending,” Onyiengo added.

According to Jumia Travel, the report’s wider analysis of travel to Africa shows EAC destinations received a strong growth of 14.3 per cent for 2017 year to date with the entire African continent continuing to record positive performance, recording a 14 per cent increase in international arrivals in 2017 year to date.


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