Nigeria: AISAN Marks World AIS Day, Calls for Full Compliance with Annex 15

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May 15 is World Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) and in celebrating it, the Aeronautical Information Services Association of Nigeria (AISAN) has called for a full compliance with Annex 15 in the country’s aviation sector.

The AIS Day started as a result of Standards and Recommended Practices for Aeronautical Information Services which were first adopted by the Council on 15 May 1953, pursuant to the provisions of Article 37 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago 1944), and were designated as Annex 15 to the Convention.

Following consideration by all Contracting States, these recommendations were reviewed by the Air Navigation Commission and the first set of Standards and Recommended Practices was adopted by the Council on 15 May 1953 as Annex 15 to the Convention.

Consequently, this is how AISAN came about celebrating this memorable global day on 15th May every year as “World AIS/AIM Day”.

Speaking on the AIS Day, AISAN President, Shittu Babatunde said the celebration for this year couldn’t have come at a better time in the format in which it is to be celebrated, that is at station level.

According to Shittu, the mode of celebration is quite apt because the international body, (International Federation of Aeronautical Information Management Association (IFAIMA) theme for this year is “No AIS Left Behind”

Shittu said that development to annex 15 is yet to be fully felt in Nigeria due to: incompletion of AIS Automation; non implementation of ETOD: Electronic terrain and obstacle data; inadequate training of AIS personnel and the need for the implementation of quality management system.

Speaking further, the AISAN President pointed out that one of the least known and most vital roles in support of international civil aviation is filled by the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS), stressing that the objective of the Aeronautical Information Service is to ensure the flow of information necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of international air navigation.

He however, said that the manner in which aeronautical information is gathered and managed is governed by Annex 15 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO Annex 15), which defines how an aeronautical information service shall receive and/or originate, collate or assemble, edit, format, publish, store and distribute specified aeronautical information, data.

Annex 15 as now presented has undergone great development, having to date 39 amendment. The first requirements were developed by the Air Navigation Committee as a result of recommendations of Regional Air Navigation Meetings, and were published by authority of the Council as Procedures for International Notices to Airmen (PANS-NOTAM).


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