South African Airport Invests in Self-Service Technology

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To facilitate the passengers and the routine functions of the airline at Lanseria International Airport, the authorities have decided to invest in the latest technology.

Lanseria is low-cost airline hub situated in the North of Johannesburg with an average annual attendee of over 2 million passengers.

The new technology is known as SITA which is offers self-service. SITA will make it easier for the passengers to check-in, get the bags through the scanners and reach the gate without any need to introduce themselves at the counters.

SITA is regarded as the leading system helping the transport and communications at the airlines. It is an efficient, innovative and solution oriented program for airline industry across the world.

The bag scanning system (Scan & Fly) is quick and the passengers at Laseria airport will have to simply check-in online and it will take less than a minute to tag the bags.  The program easily is updated to the existing system and there will be no need for the large counters. In this way, the terminal will have much more space for the passengers.

Lansria’s Chief Operating Officer, Gavin Sayce is of the view that the passengers, as well as the airlines, always welcome the new facilities to make the process simple and smooth. An increase in the convenience level for the passengers and the airlines is the basic aim of this investment in the new technology.

The checking procedure will be more efficient and fast as the system will be able to verify all the boarding passes, including those printed at homes or saved in the cell phones. In this way, SITA will enhance the security at the airport.

SITA also brings in new technology to make sure that the baggage always goes to the right passenger and the passengers will not have to worry about their belongings. SITA will enable Lanseria to stay true to IATA resolution 753 according to which the airport system has to track the bags during the whole journey.

The Vice President Eastern & Southern Africa, Maneesh Jaikrishna remarks that a huge majority of the passengers at airports like the introduction of new technologies and speeding up the procedures at the terminals. Maneesh further claims that the passengers love provision of self service and value control at the airports.

Lanseria is aiming at getting rid of the local services and introducing flexible and efficient functionality features for the airlines. For this purpose, the airport authorities are planning to introduce common-use terminal equipment to make things less complex.


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