Microsoft and Access Bank partner to improve banking security in Africa

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To improve security and banking experience for customers in Nigeria and Africa, Access Bank has partnered with Microsoft, a global technology giant. The two companies announced their commitment to providing custom made products and services to address challenges being experienced in the banking industry in Africa.

At a meeting with the Microsoft Chief Executive Officer, Satya Nadella in Seattle, United States, Herbert Wigwe, Access Bank’s Managing Director said “as one of the biggest providers of digital products in Africa, this partnership and collaboration between Access Bank and Microsoft will enable us to be strategically positioned to improve security for online transactions, increase financial inclusion for the unbanked population on the continent, as well as create simple and more efficient banking processes for customers”.

In response to Wigwe’s statement, Microsoft CEO said “I want Microsoft to enable organisations like Access Bank to innovate digitally and grow their business exponentially. We need partners like you who have deep ambition for exceptional customer service. We will be delighted to form a deeper relationship with Access Bank to drive innovation, and by extension, exceptional customer experience in the African financial services space”.

According to Nadella only two entities are capable fo being the Alibaba of Nigeria- a massive retail operation or a large financial institution.

Access bank, which recently announced its 5-year goal to open the African continent to the world, has consistently leveraged on technology to provide fast, secure, reliable and seamless cross border transactions experience for customers in Nigeria and across Africa.



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