Angola: Peasant Network Exports 50,000 tons/year

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The Peasant Network will export as from next year 50,000 tons of agricultural products to the various countries to ensure diversification of economy and promote the export of domestic production.
The process will be launched from the Luanda Perishables Terminal (Teka 2), at the “4 de Fevereiro” Airport in Luanda.
The action is promoted in partnership with the National Company for Airports and Air Navigation (ENANA) and Brussels Airlines and is part of the Angola-Aircargo Export programme.
The intention is to boost Angolan exports and connect all the potential operators of the different perishable production chains subject to aerial export.
The chairperson of Peasant Network Consortium, Gentil Viana, said on  Monday that the export will cover mainly fruits, such as banana, mango, pineapple and avocado.
The process include vegetables, flowers, fish, shellfish, among others.
Speaking at launching ceremony of Angola-Aircargo Export programme, Viana said that the export process will be carried out from four warehouse vessels and merchandise vessels, installed in an area of six hectares,  made available by ENANA-E.P.
The official mentioned May 31, 2018 as the expected date for the start of exports of Angola’s main agricultural, maritime and forestry products.
The ceremony was attended by the ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Angola, Felix Frank, and entrepreneurs of the productive sectors.

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