Bills to Make Local Industries More Competitive Introduced in Kenya

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Three bills seeking to address challenges that undermine the growth of Kenya’s manufacturing sector and internal and external trade in the country are yet to be passed by the National Assembly.

The Principal Secretary for Trade Dr. Chris Kiptoo is urging Members of Parliament to pass the Trade Remedies Bill; the Legal Metrology Bill; and The Trade Development Bill before the House dissolves to save local infant industries from collapse due to still competition from heavily subsidized imported goods.

“These are the only two countries in Africa with trade remedies that check against unfair trade practices and Kenya could become the third country,” Kiptoo said.

Egypt and South Africa are the countries where investors are relocating to costing Kenya Kshs30 billion which could be generated to the GDP by producing consumer goods that compete with imports in key industries.

In addition to checking unfair practices other strategies that will enhance Kenyan industries involve restructuring those that use local raw materials and value addition to imports that can be re-exported for maximum profits.

The Bills once passed and assented into law will grow consumer confidence in the quality and value for money of locally-produced goods.


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