ERA 2017 Makes Urgent Case for Urbanization in Africa

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The Economic Commission for Africa has launched the 2017 edition of its Economic Report on Africa (ERA 2017) at its headquarters at Addis Ababa.

At the event, Giovanie Biha, Deputy Executive Secretary, ECA said the urban and industrial development in Africa is currently disconnected, thereby resulting in service gaps and unemployment. Bridging the gap, she said, through deliberate policies, strategies and investments would result in the effective sustainability of urbanization and industrialization targets in the context of national development planning.

“As countries are developing overarching frameworks within which strategic targets for structural transformation are defined, national development plans offer an ideal context within which urbanization and industrialization targets could be linked,” she said.

“In this way, urban and industrial strategies could be explicitly linked to broader national goals such as poverty reduction and improved well-being in both urban and rural areas.”

The ERA 2017 is titled, ‘Urbanization and Industrialization for Africa’s Transformation’ and places great emphasis on the opportunities associated with the urbanization of Africa, which is said to be ‘irreversible’. The ERA 2017 indicates ample opportunities for quality growth in Africa if urbanization is properly planned and managed


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