SMEDAN Encourages Nigeria to Introduce Entrepreneurial Studies in Schools

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The Director-General, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), Dikko Radar has urged the Federal Government to make entrepreneurship a full course from primary to the degree levels to curb corruption in the country.

He made this call during a visit from the Cordinator, Student for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE), Amagu Agwu,  in Abuja, expressing delight at the performance of Nigerian students during an international competition in Ukraine.

He said: “It is compulsory today that entrepreneurship course be offered in all Nigerian universities. Currrently, University of Calabar has very good facilities in the entrepreneurship centre.

“The truth is that you cannot combat corruption only by arresting politicians and government officials; the only way to combat corruption is to start working on the minds of the youths, shift their thoughts and mind to creativity.

“The youths are already born into corrupt society; when their minds are permanently engaged in meaningful activities, they will no longer dwell on insignificant issues.

“The student, through  the advancement of global entrepreneurship, SAGE, has done a good work. I will push programmes through the agency to ensure it is a success. This is the direction the country should go, if not, the country will remain in this corrupt state for eternity.”





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