Water Canal in Kenya Reopened after $22m Reconstruction

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The largest water canal in Ukambani in the Lower Eastern region of Kenya has been commissioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta following $22 million/Kshs2.2 billion rehabilitation works.

The 58.8 kilometre Yatta canal is expected to provide sufficient water for irrigation in the dry region. The repairs have increased acreage under irrigation from 6,000 to 25,000 acres.

“I am glad that our investment in the rehabilitation of this canal is positively and directly impacting on the lives of residents and attracting investors who are creating jobs for the youth,” President Kenyatta said.

Plans to construct Yatta dam which will increase the acreage under irrigation to 45, 000 acres were unveiled. In two years, the dam will be expanded to become the largest irrigation scheme in Kenya.

The Yatta canal now serves more than 74,000 people including over one thousand farmers using the water to irrigate their farms.

It has also attracted a flower farm, Flower City which has employed 400 locals.


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