Paradise Game Opens West Africa’s Largest Video Game, E-Learning and Education Tech Center in Côte D’ivoire

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Paradise Game, an organisation that deals in e-sports and e-learning in Africa, has officially opened the largest video game and education tech centre in West Africa’s Ivory Coast.

Located in a neighbourhood with the largest population of the Ivorian capital, the first floor of the new shopping center, Cosmos Yopougon, is now home to the largest video game venue in the region.

The 1,200 square-meter center focuses on the promotion of e-sports in Africa through tournaments and e-sport player training for international competitions.

“Video game fans can now enjoy the latest games while preparing for the upcoming FEJA, the largest e-sport event in Africa,” the group said in a recent announcement.

Starting in September 2019, a dedicated80-square-meter room will host middle school and high school students for training sessions on computers, robotics, and the development of video games.

In 2020, the game center will host the first ‘edtech and e-learning program’ of Yopougon where startups, teachers, students and entrepreneurs will work together on creating the future educational tools for Africa.

These two initiatives are aimed at getting the youth to join the new technology wave and be abreast of robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Paradise Game provides entertainment for children and parents as well. Through various games and activities, they will learn how to build a stronger parent-children relationship.

For the opening of the game center, the entire month of august will be dedicated to celebration activities both inside and outside the Cosmos Yopougon shopping center. From video game crash courses to learning poems and playing board games, the community will be able to discover everything Paradise Game Center has to offer.

“We ambition to transform the entertainment industry in Africa by using games as a way to learn and by allowing young Africans to discover the video game field, robotics and virtual reality,” Sidick Bakayoko, Founder of Paradise Game explained in a recent address.

With more than 500 000 visitors expected per year, Paradise Game Center is positioning itself as a platform to entertain, educate and empower young Africans. With a ‘play to learn’ approach in mind, the organisation uses video games as tools to raise technology literacy rates, stimulate creativity, and inspire the next generation.

By focusing on the African region Paradise Game is targeting a customer base of 250 million people in a $3 billion market.



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