Angola: Energy Sector Must Strengthen Institutional Capacity

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The Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, has said that the challenges of the sector for the coming years are to strengthen the institutional capacity and structuring of water distribution companies.
The official, who was speaking at the opening of the seventh advisory council of the Ministry of Energy and Water, said that the challenges are still going through the reform and restructuring of companies in the electricity sector, training and qualification of cadres for better provision of service to consumers.
He pointed out that in this meeting, the sector’s staff will assess the activities carried out by the sector in the last five years and make recommendations that ensure the continuity of these projects following successful implementation.
The Minister stressed that in order to respond to the industrial development of the province, it will see improvement in the coming times with the arrival of a new turbine to supply power to Moçâmedes municipality.


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