Ethiopia Inks Energy Compact with UK to Accelerate its Off-Grid Solar Market

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In order to support the Ethiopian off-grid solar power market, the Energy Compact has been signed between the UK and Ethiopia. The agreement aims at creating more opportunities in solar power business as well as introducing more jobs in off-grid solar power market and more importantly the objective is to offer low-cost electricity resources to the poor community.

The Energy Africa campaign was launched by the UK back in 2015 and recent Energy Compact is the part of its proceedings. The anticipated result is to help the local community to generate cheaper electricity and the acceleration of the energy access through the coming decade, till 2030.

70% of Ethiopian population concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa does not have access to electricity. 50% of the business in the area is helpless because of the lack of energy resources. The population in this area is 600 million.

Energy Africa campaign aims at the development of energy sector throughout Africa and ultimately help the local economy to grow. The Energy Compact between Ethiopia and the United Kingdom has been signed by Dr Engineer Sileshi Bekele (Minster of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, Ethiopia) and the British Ambassador to Ethiopia, Susanna Moorehead. 

Moorehead claims that the British companies will make full use of the British technology in an attempt to fulfil Ethiopia’s demand for cheap and environment friendly electricity production, ultimately helping the poor rural community of the country.

The United Kingdom will join hands with the local authorities to help Ethiopia achieve its goal of enabling the local population to generate off-grid energy and to help the local government to improve the economy by lifting the local market.


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