Ghana’s LINDA DOR Hospitality Group to Benefit from REDAVIA Solar

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Ghana’s LINDA DOR Hospitality Group, operating bus rest stops, restaurants and lodges in the eastern part of the country – linking Accra with Kumasi, is to benefit from REDAVIA’s cost-effective, reliable retail solar power systems.

“LINDA DOR is on the verge of uncovering the power of solar energy whereby the REDAVIA solar farm seamlessly complements electricity from the national grid, improving reliability and lowering cost,” a statement from the two companies said.

According to the press statement, LINDA DOR will now be able  make cost savings of 50% per kWh of solar, leading to monthly savings on overall electricity costs of over 10% that will positively impact its financial bottom line.

Also, the reliability of energy provision is crucial for LINDA DOR whose services and success depend on happy, returning customers.

“As a self-made businesswoman, I believe in the power of relationships, a successful business model and in doing the right thing for our customers,” said Doris Belinda Arkorful, Founder and Managing Director of LINDA DOR. “REDAVIA is a supplier we trust, and they are allowing us to save money that I can reinvest to grow my business.”

“We were impressed with LINDA DOR’s focus on customer satisfaction and putting customer services first. It was clear in an instant that we could help them with this goal as solar power improves their cost base and reliability, not to mention its significant environmental impact,” stated Erwin Spolders, CEO & Founder of REDAVIA.



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