Phanes Group launches integrated solar solution for sub-Saharan Africa

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p>With an aim to identify sub-Saharan Africa’s PV projects, the first Solar Incubator program (The PV Solar Incubator, Your Project, Our Expertise, for a Sustainable Future) has been launched by the end-to-end solar provider, Phanes Group. The program aims at assisting the energy industry with the provision of commercial and technical knowledge as well as the access to funding.

To work on this initiative, Phanes Group will work in partnership with Proparco, RINA Consulting, Hogan Lovells, responsibility and Solarplaza. Phanse Group has encouraged the proposals from PV developers in sub-Saharan Africa. According to the statement from Phanes Group authorities, the last date for the submission of the proposal is October 1, 2017.

The evaluation of the proposals will be the done by the expert’s panel representing the members from the companies in partnership as well. First, the proposals will be shortlisted and then the evaluation of the shortlisted proposals will be done.

At the eve of Unlocking Solar Capital Africa conference Côte d’Ivoire on 25 and 26 October 2017, the shortlisted candidates will have to bring the details of their projects and present it to the panel. Phanes Group’s vision seems to work on the collaboration of government and local companies working in this sector, in an attempt to realize the dream of sustainable future of the communities in the sub-Saharan African businesses.

Phanes Group CEO, Martin Haupts claims that the clean solar energy can transform the region in the near future but become successful in this regard, there is a need of knowledge, funding and professional expertise in order to implement PV solar project in the best possible way. Energy (electricity) is crusial foreign investments in Africa.

He further claimed that Phanes Group Solar Incubator project will be a success with the help of the partners and it will ultimately help the local PV market and create new opportunities in the region in the coming years. Martin Haupts continues that Phanes Group will utilize its strengths in an attempt to provide clean energy and utilize CSR to meet the needs of the community which had been left unaddressed in the past.

The initiative is not all about funding, but it aims at the provision of necessary knowledge and expertise as well. It will also help the proceedings at the development and delivery stages. Phanes Group in partnership with the above mentioned companies, with make it easy for the PV developers to reach bankability. The successful candidates will be given proper training to help the cause of clean energy in the region. The access to the right network will be ensured and ultimately it help PV developers to build concrete industrial relationships.


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