Proinso Tackles Unemployment, Pollution in South Africa

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Solar Energy supplier Proinso is launching a new corporate social responsibility initiative to tackle youth unemployment and air pollution in underprivileged communities in South Africa.

The initiative will promote social entrepreneurship, with a focus on solar; and replace use of fossil fuels such as kerosene with solar energy Proinso SM100 solar light to reduce health risks. The SM 100 solar light which comes with over five hours of light powered by solar energy is manufactured in partnership with the global solar industry leader, Yingli Solar.

Proinso believes solar is becoming central to powering homes and businesses and aims to be at the forefront of the energy revolution.

The initiative commits to providing rural and off-grid communities with the technical tools to use the sun as a source of energy.

Dubbed the Solar Energy Solidarity initiative, it is aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Our sustainability pillars will power vulnerable communities across the world. We will embark on issues related to health, education, environmental protection and economic empowerment; particularly targeting both the youth population with entrepreneurship potential and vulnerable women,” said Dea Jancic, Head of CSR, Proinso.

To this end, the company is inviting proposals for stewardship and potential partnership from aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups, business incubators and young professionals with an interest and experience in solar energy generation.

Proinso plans on launching similar initiatives in other parts of Africa.


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