US Based Company Fairbanks Morse Introduces ‘PoweReliability-as-a-Service’ to Africa at SA Conference

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Fairbanks Morse, a United States-based manufacturing company, will this week introduce its its ‘PoweReliability-as-a-Service’ platform to Africa at an event dubbed the Power & Electricity World Africa conference in Johannesburg.

 Fairbanks states that the platform will deliver affordable, reliable power to underserved populations or disaster-prone locations worldwide.

 Fairbanks Morse has sent representatives to the South Africa conference, slated for March 27th and March 28th, 2018. The firm will be presenting its PoweReliability-as-a-Service platform, which is famous for its fuel-efficient architecture.

 “The Fairbanks Morse PoweReliability-as-a-Service platform delivers distributed power generation for independent power producers or large commercial and industrial (C&I) organizations,” the organisation said in a statement.

 “Backed by fuel efficiency and reliability guarantees that are monitored in the cloud-based platform, PoweReliability-as-a-Service reduces risk and operating expenses for end users who want to generate their own power,” the company added.

 Using the service, Fairbanks Morse projects $35 million in savings to be achieved in fuel consumption and increased reliability.

 “Coupling the launch of our ground-breaking Trident OP engine with the PoweReliability-as-a-Service platform is the next evolution in Fairbanks Morse’s long history of providing affordable and reliable distributed power generation,” said Fairbanks Morse President Marvin Riley.

 “This platform-based approach will allow us to accelerate our corporate mission to deliver power where it is needed most,” he added.

 “This first-of-its-kind solution enables our customers to become reliable independent power producers – even in the most remote areas of the world that do not have access to a dependable grid. We believe PoweReliability-as-a-Service can empower economic growth, access to clean water and healthcare, and community safety,” Riley continued.

 The announcement comes at a time when, 1.2 billion people across the globe lack access to power and another billion only have access to intermittent power.

 These emerging economies are expected to see a 41% increase in energy demand through 2040. Alternatively, in the United States where energy demand is flat, an aging grid and superstorms are causing power reliability issues with increasing frequency.

 “This platform-based approach is transforming the way electricity is produced and consumed globally. The result is an emerging grid that is cleaner, more distributed, and increasingly intelligent – also known as the Energy Cloud,” said Adam Forni, Senior Research Analyst with Navigant Research.

 “Generator manufacturers like Fairbanks Morse are pushing disruption by providing new platform-based solutions that are efficient, flexible, and leverage remote monitoring, controls, and predictive analytics. The platform-based approach will allow them to unlock new business models and position them to serve growing demand from commercial and industrial facilities for both grid-tied and remote applications,” he explained.


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